December Newsletter 2015

Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of year again and we have some events in December for you to enjoy and celebrate during this festive season:
Your gift to yourself!
Pure Yin – A Masterclass with Remy
13 December 2-5pm

This is perfect for wherever you are at in your yoga practice, even if you are recovering from injury or are completely new to yoga. It will take you to exactly where you need to be.

Therapeutic for your body and therapeutic for your mind. This is a double gift in the practice, where inner balance can be found.

$50 if booked in advance or $60 on the day.
A Community Event!
End of Year Celebration – an evening of classical Indian music with Bobby and Sarangan
20 December 5pm

Our final concert for the year.  An evening of classical Indian music with Indian food served after the concert.

$25, RSVP and bookings essential for catering purposes.

Our gift to you!
Christmas Party
Free iRest Yoga Nidra and Crystal Bowls followed by refreshments
22 December 7-9pm

Join us for our Christmas party – all students and their families are welcome.  We will share an iRest Yoga Nidra to deeply relax and enjoy each others company in stillness, resound with the mellifluous crystal bowls and then reinvigorate to enjoy some shared refreshments and conversation.

XmasHolly2Christmas close down:

There will be no classes at The Yoga Shed from 24 December until 3 January inclusive.  Classes return on 4 January but the timetable will be reduced during January as our teachers take their holidays.  The website will be up-to-date.

If you hold membership or a 10 class pass that covers this period you are entitled to extend your expiry date by 10 days.  However, this will not happen automatically so just advise the teacher if this applies to you when you return in January.

Shards of Ice – Minnie Biggs

One of our yoga community is very excited about the release of her new book – Shards of Ice by Minnie Biggs. Here is an excerpt from the press release about the book:

“Shards of Ice is about Antarctica, the death of a beloved husband and grief. Written in fragments, Shards of Ice interweaves experiences of the author’s trips to Antarctica – the first was soon after her husband died – and stories of the early explorers, in the form of snapshots rather than linear history. There is a section on the Red Desert, central Australia, another spiritual home of the author’s, contrasting with the southern white desert. And significant reflection about the four years of her husband’s decline, his death and her grief.”

And this:
“….the book has a long-waiting readership. It is one that is growing daily as Boomers increasingly leave their partners in death, and, in doing so, leave those remaining behind with even more reason for wondering about the terms of life.” – Peter Sutton

Many of you know Minnie and you may like to get yourself a copy.  There will be some signed copies available at our Christmas Party on Tuesday 22 December (7-9pm at The Shed).

It is also available from, from Amazon, Book Depository and other online sellers in print and ebook editions, or email: