August Newsletter 2014

Hi everyone

Timetable Changes

Just some minor changes to the timetable for August:

  • Zen Ki with Emilly is now 5:30-6:30pm Friday
  • Beginner’s on Thursdays with Tony is now 5:30-7pm

Recollective Awareness

meditation3You know that stop smoking ad “never give up giving up”? Well, with meditation the same principle applies, never give up starting up! Starting a practice of any kind can be challenging and you’ll find all sorts of reasons to talk yourself out of it. There is little argument that meditation is good for your well being. Every time you attempt meditation you accrue the benefits, so your efforts are never wasted. There are two weeks remaining in the Recollective Awareness meditation short course. Anyone is welcome to come along to either or both of the remaining sessions (Wednesdays 4-5pm) and Minnie will guide you through this approach to meditation that has been transformative in her own life. $15 per class or use your class pass – Full details.

Masterclass – 24 August 2-5pm – Standing Poses, Alignment and Optional Inversions

We’re very excited about this next Masterclass!

We’ve all heard the quote “practice makes perfect,” and intuitively understand that time is necessary to develop mastery. But are you practicing to improve…or do you reinforce bad habits? In reality, practice simply makes permanent. A more accurate quote is this: “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”

more details…..

This is the 4th Masterclass this year. If you attend four Masterclasses this year you get your 5th for free, so some of you might secure your free spot in the October or December class by attending this one.

$50 in advance of $60 on the day.

To secure a space please email: or phone 4588 5377.

Notes on Practice

I remember during teacher training all the break throughs or ‘firsts’- headstand, handstand, full wheel, forearm balance. Over time, these ‘firsts’ have become less and less frequent for me. This year my goals are hanamasana (splits) and pick up jump back (a vinyasa transition where you take your whole body weight on your hands through the transitions – Anneriek could demo this for you). It’s well over half way through the year and I’m not feeling like I’ve made much progress towards either of these despite considerable practice. I was lamenting this with my teacher the other day, complaining that “I’m not getting anywhere”. “Well Catherine, that’s not really what yoga is about” was his reply (from someone who can easily roll in and out of hanamanasana, stick a handstand in the middle of the room and comfortably sit with his leg/s behind his head). I know the theory, yoga isn’t about the external form ya da ya da ya da, but I want progress! And, I’m practicing!

It was in the middle of this conversation that I started to have a bit of an ah ha moment…..You know that feeling when you’ve been banging on about something and start to realise you’ve got it all wrong. Yoga isn’t about getting anywhere, not leaving, not achieving anything. Rather it is about being present, right here, right now in this very moment.

So, where does that leave practicing? I get it now, trying to get into all those fancy poses is just something I’m doing while I’m learning a much more subtle and important lesson. There are a myriad of subtle and not so subtle mechanisms that I employ to leave the here and now. My practice is about remaining present, here and now, this moment, if the other things come they come, if they don’t it doesn’t really matter. The great paradox is that what seems to be the point of yoga isn’t the point at all.

So many layers of this wonderful practice. I love the feeling of energy and vitality that yoga gives me. I love these subtle break throughs and surprises that take me closer to peace of mind and my true nature – equanimity. And on a practical level, I also love that I can bend down and get things from my lowest kitchen cupboard without any pain. :-)

This morning I read this wonderful poem by another teacher of mine, it seemed perfect:

Our desire for happiness is taking us away.
Yoga is not a prescription for changing ourselves.
It is the ultimate description of who we are.
When we live free of intention,
each moment reveals the great Mystery that joy and happiness are already the case.
Richard Miller

Love to you all, Catherine and Theresa