January Newsletter 2015

Hi everyone

Well it’s been a great start to the year! Great to see regular
faces back and many new ones too. We think 2015 is going to be a great year
for The Yoga Shed. We’ve got lots planned and we’re already off
to a flying start.

Coming up

Yin Masterclass with Remy

In yin, one develops stronger, more flexible joints, and an ability to
simply sit with what arises in the posture.

Sunday 15 February, 2-5pm

The Yoga Shed in partnership with Tara

10 week course – Tuesdays 9:30-10:30, commencing 27

$150 for 10 week course + special price for Yoga Shed students drop in
casual/class  $15 (usually $20)

Unravel Your Knots

John James & Catherine Sherlock  Series 1 in 2015
Sundays 1 & 29 March & 12 April 10am to 2pm

Do you want to clear your personal issues in the search for
spiritual transformation and inner truth?

Pelvic Floor Health

Come along to Discreetly Fits pelvic floor short course and learn to
prevent (or reverse) pelvic floor issues. Your newly acquired precious skills
will last you a life-time and can be easily, immediately and permanently

Free Talk -Saturday the 28th of March 4pm

Course Sundays the 3rd and 17th of May, 10.30am

Take the links on each title above for more information and scroll to

Coming soon –

We are getting ready to launch Membership. Membership
is worthwhile for anyone who wants to commit to more than one class per
week. Membership is in addition to our existing payment options.

You might want to set yourself a challenge, do 3 classes a week, or 5, or
even everyday. Access to drop in classes (what appears on our timetable) is
unlimited while you are a member.

Membership does not include Events and Courses and there is no student or
discount rate. Membership is not refundable or transferable.

There are no contracts, and only upfront payment is accepted. You can
become a member for as little as a month or up to a year:

1 month = $70

3 months = $205

6 months = $400

12 months = $750

We’ll send out an email when this is ready to roll, just setting up
all the systems to administer it.

Notes – Effort and


Hatha literally means sun (ha) moon (tha). While the term Hatha refers to
the physical exercises of yoga (asanas or postures) it is more than this.
It is the practice of bringing harmony to the two main energies in the human
body; the energy of the moon and the energy of the sun. These energies are
known by many names; yin/yang, male/female, shiva/shakti and so on.

Life is constantly moving and fluctuating between these energies. In
life we need to bring balance and allow this flow. Can you imagine if all
you ever did was work and never rested? It’s like the tide going out
and never coming in. Ebb and flow, the constant movement of life. As
human beings we are often tipping the scales one way or the other; constantly
doing or constantly avoiding, sometimes we are constantly doing by constantly
avoiding, or constantly avoiding by constantly doing! We give one or the
other greater importance.

Yoga is very much a practice of effort and ease. Both are required for
effective practice. The benefits of your efforts are found in your ease,
those lovely comfort feelings and tingling sensations in savasana for
example. Allow yourself to enjoy that little rest in child’s pose or
down dog or a deep forward fold in between asanas.

As in life off the mat, allow yourself time out on the couch to do
nothing, enjoy your own silent company, savour those moments when you have
completed one particular task before moving on to the next, take time to
celebrate your achievements and reflect on your actions.

Ebb and flow, ‘Ha’tha’ – sun/moon in balance.

See you at The Shed soon.

With love and light

Catherine and Theresa.


If you’d like to contact us please use
theresa@theyogashedrichmond.com and note that we both receive these