September Newsletter 2014

Hi everyone

It’s so nice to feel the warmth coming back into the air as we shift into Spring. A perfect time to re-invigorate your practice and take some time to come home to yourself. There are a few timetable changes for September:

Pre-Natal – Saturday mornings 8-9am from 13 September!

This is exciting for those mums to be that are still working. From Saturday September 13 our new teacher Karen, who is passionate about teaching pre-natal yoga will take on this class. The class is for pregnant women from 14 weeks (only earlier if you already have a well established practice).

Other changes:

  • a reminder that Tuesday evening Reconnect is no longer on the timetable. We have a course in the planning and hope to advise the details soon – an eight week chakra course.
  • a number of classes require cover this month as we seem to have lots of our teachers going away at the same time. So, you may find yourself having a different experience of yoga than with your regular teacher. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the variety.
  • Find our up-to-date timetable here

And, something to contemplate:

A translation of a section of the Ashtavakra Gita by Thomas Byron

The mind desires this,
And grieves for that.
It embraces one thing,
And spurns another.
Now it feels anger,
Now happiness.
In this way you are bound.
But when the mind desires nothing
And grieves for nothing,
When it is without joy or anger
And, grasping nothing,
Turns nothing away…
Then you are free.
When the mind is attracted
To anything it senses,
You are bound.
When there is no attraction,
You are free.
Where there is no I
You are free.
Where there is I
You are bound.
Consider this.
It is easy.
Embrace nothing,
Turn nothing away.