AmaAmandanda has been an eager and dedicated practitioner of Yoga for over 15 years. From her first experience in early adolescence, she knew this ancient art was something she would embrace throughout her life.

The natural next step and to help deepen her practice, Amanda committed to becoming a Teacher of Yoga studying at The Nature Care College in St Leonards. During this learning she developed the knowledge and ability to adapt yoga for the benefit of everyone. This therapeutic and holistic approach advocated by Gary Kraftsow and AG Mohan are what influence her teaching style today.

Amanda is passionate about the subtle aspect of Yoga, that developing awareness of the breath is fundamental in accessing our innate nature and living life fully. Amanda’s classes are taught from the heart and she hopes you will learn that the practise of Yoga is not a goal to achieve, but an endless journey of possibilities that helps us reconnect with what already resides with in us.



Yoga is my passion, my sanity, my way of living, my big love.

From my 1st yoga class, over 15 years ago, I knew: ‘yoga is me’. The sensation in my body, the flow of my breath, the focus it brought to my busy mind. Yoga felt strangely familiar and totally right. I started a 3 year Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga  apprenticeship with Angelika Knorzer at North Sydney Yoga and began teaching in 2001. After years of dedication to the beautiful and strong Ashtanga Vinyasa flow I started to embrace other yoga styles, like yoga flow and yin yoga, enjoying different and more gentle styles too.

My yoga journey has taken me by the hand. It has been there for me when leaving my professional career, when moving from the city to the ‘country’, it helped me through my pregnancies and births of my 2 beautiful boys, through recovery from a broken hip, it keeps me healthy, fit and sane on days when life is tending towards chaos.

In my teaching I like to offer strong classes where students are challenged in order to find strength and self belief. My practice and teaching are filled with energy and joy. New and challenging poses fascinate me, however nothing gives me more joy than working on foundational poses and experiencing how extremely challenging these ‘basic’ postures are when practiced correctly. The balance yoga offers in strength and flexibility of both body and mind is truly amazing.

I feel blessed to be able to spread my yoga passion; sharing knowledge, creating healthy bodies, peaceful minds, sharing the joy and to help find a lightness in living. My passion is to create a better world starting with ourselves – breathing, trusting, letting go…



Chris has been pChris_Saddractising Yoga, both here in Australia and the UK, for over 20 years and currently teaches at The Yoga Shed in Richmond. Although Chris has experience in various styles of Yoga she concentrates on Hatha, with an emphasis on relaxation, visualisation and meditation. Her experience has highlighted a great need for restorative measures in the busy and stressful lives of many that she meets and Chris feels that through the practice of yoga she can offer a worthwhile solution to this growing problem.

Through continued professional development Chris has attended scientific conferences and courses on mental health,anatomical alignment with the Alexander Technique, yoga for breast cancer and lymphatic disorders as well as yoga for ageing

As our population now has an increasingly extended lifespan, Chris believes we need to be more pro-active in preventative measures towards our mental and physical health and wellbeing. She says that her students are her biggest teachers, always presenting another challenge and encouraging her to think laterally and act flexibly; for that she is most grateful.




My love of dance and movement as a child followed me into adulthood, and yoga has complemented perfectly. Breath and Movement, an integral part of life, whether one is still or flowing. Over the many years of my wanderlust, I have always managed to keep in touch with both. For the last 6 years I have been learning the Middle Eastern style of Oriental Dance, with the Hathor Dance Company. My passion for yoga resumed with the opening of the Yoga Shed, and in 2014 I started a teacher training course with James and Michele Sierra at Baulkham Hills Yoga studio. For me yoga is not a religion, but a way of life. There is no one size fits all. It benefits everyone and discriminates none.



Tony2Our meditation teacher and poet!

The power of meditation is profound to take your place and still the mind through the natural process of breath awareness self centredness and conscious awareness we can take you down the path of total deep relaxation helping to peel away the every day to day pressure that creates tension in the body and mind.  Remember that it is only the mind that holds us back from our true potential and that by creating Sankalpa “resolve and resolution” we may move through the resistance that may be holding us back to reshape our personality and transferring  the direction or our lives  through willpower and feeling.  Many meditations and breath techniques are offered through the class.


When I came to yoga I was very cynical. I was just hoping for more flexibility and less tightness.  My journey with yoga has surpassed that in so many magnificent ways.

My true love of this practice came with my first Yin Yoga class, at the Yoga Shed in 2015.  I was immediately hooked.  Understanding the logic behind the long held poses, controlling my mind chatter and connecting with my true essence.  Feeling the benefit in my body after only a few weeks of a committed practice, yoga found its way into me.   Mind, body and soul.  (A bit of a cliché but absolutely true.)

Two years later (2017) I completed my Yoga teaching level 1 and Advanced Yin Yoga teacher training through the guidance of Anneriek Favelle, my teacher and mentor.  Enabling me to teach all styles of yoga and invite others to find the true essence of themselves.

My interest is, and always has been, helping others free themselves from the limitations our minds have set for us.   The world is a beautiful place, so jump in and go with the flow you never know where you will end up.   Limitations can only be true as long as we believe in them.  When we still our minds and believe in ourselves, amazing things can happen.  Little did I know the path I was to journey on when I stepped onto my mat that day.

Serendipity (n) finding something good without looking for it.


Halyna Denysenko

Halyna has been a passionate practitioner of Yoga and Meditation for over 15 years and has recently qualified as a teacher of Classical Hatha yoga at Namaste Yoga School, based on the teachings of Acharya Upendra Roy, who was one of the pioneers of yoga in Australia.

With qualifications and extensive experience in Massage, Shiatsu, Oriental Therapies, Reiki and Chakradance and Reiki, Halyna is a firm believer that the body contains innate wisdom and power to self heal, if only we listen to it, allowing it to do its thing.

Halyna facilitates with kindness and compassion, in a gentle yet powerful way. Students are encouraged to connect with their own practice, rather than trying to attain a particular pose in a particular way. Asanas are held with awareness on bodily sensations, and every class includes Pranayama (breathing practice), and Meditation.

Yoga is a perfect vehicle for connecting with the body-mind, through breath and stillness, thus allowing magic to happen.

In the words of Osho – “Don’t seek, don’t search, don’t ask, don’t knock, don’t demand. Relax. If you relax, it comes. If you relax, it is there. If you relax, you start vibrating with it.”

Certificate of Currency diploma first aid certificate

So as they walk along the path
In through the door into the class
Picked blankets from the stack in line
Not to forget the blue ones mine
Then find a spot and lie right still
To close your eyes and start to feel
With spontaneous thoughts they will define
As parts of the senses reflect through the mind
And breath now settles and then refines
As things run down and then unwind
Internal seance is then defined
As you realise the feelings of the mind
To visualise the image seance
Creates a power that’s pure intense
As Sankalpa thought comes back to mind
Then the ultimate wish is now defined
While moving through your minds enhanced
As external awareness becomes advanced
Then take your breath with mindful way
To lead you back to the place you lay